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Consumer Finance

The consumer financing company that approves more applicants

More approvals for customers who are eager to buy!

Monterey Financial bbb a+ rating since 2000

Since 1990, Monterey Financial has remained accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A rating. We've served businesses in many industries and consumers with all credit scores. With performance and reliability as prime directives, we've become one of the leading consumer finance companies in the United States, serving companies here as well as in Canada, Mexico and more.

While we've happily provided financing for businesses whose customers have good credit, many years ago, we recognized that traditional consumer financing companies neglect borrowers with fair, poor and bad credit.

We all know that economic forces beyond their control threw many Americans into foreclosure and bankruptcy. Barring this market of consumers from affordable payment options doesn't make sense, either for the borrowers themselves or for the businesses that could serve them. After All, it is estimated that over 50% of Americans have subprime credit. We believe the majority of these consumers are responsible borrowers.

With the help of automation and improved technology, we've made it cost-effective to increase the approval rate for your customers, even if their credit scores are low or "subprime." Our high approval rates for lower credit scores make us popular with businesses in all kinds of industries by increasing sales volumes, and therefore profits.

Lack of access to credit has created "pent-up demand" in these populations for too long. Many of their needs have gone unsatisfied. When you are the first to offer financing to customers accustomed to rejection, they'll reward you with purchases and loyalty.

Monterey Financial consumer finance programs simple to set up

Monterey Financial has spent nearly thirty years of working with various finance structures and is able to seamlessly integrate into your sales cycle. Like thousands of our current clients, you will enjoy:

  • Fast and simple set-up that saves you and your staff time
  • On-the-spot, real-time credit decisions so you can capture the sale
  • More good, fair, poor and bad credit score approvals that expand your customer pool
  • Quick electronic application process that makes customers happy
  • Fast remittance of proceeds for all purchased loans.
  • Your own account representative tasked with answering your questions and helping to develop ways to further grow your program
  • Reporting and analytics that help you determine promotions and financing program results
  • 24/7 on-the-go access to account and Monterey Financial's Online Resources

How we work with you – the process


Your Monterey Financial account representative(s) guides you through an onboarding process and how to use the OASIS Instant Decision System and the Client Portal.


Clients enjoy 24/7 access to our online Portals. Our intuitive platform and software helps our clients easily navigate the application and approval process.


Ongoing analysis of the performance of the portfolio in order to drive change that could increase sales, or generate a higher client payout.


Once our clients recognized their cost savings when outsourcing to Monterey Financial they often request to use our other services like:

  • delinquent debt recovery
  • document storage
  • consumer finance

Offering fast financing draws prospects

Letting consumers finance your products and services means more sales

Customer financing just makes sense. The merchant gets the payment upon purchase and the customer gets months to pay in manageable increments. A win-win!

With full or even partial financing, your customer may choose to buy the companion piece to the bedroom set, get the alignment in addition to the new tires, take multiple vocational courses or self-improvement programs, or buy a retail product or vacation package they desire but don’t have the full cash price on hand. Financing allows them to avoid lay-away programs or max out the credit cards they save for emergencies.

You get paid upon the sale; the customer gets the item or service they need.

Frequently asked questions about consumer finance programs

Monterey Financial consumer finance programs frequently asked questions

What is consumer finance?

Most consumers don't save money ahead of time to make large purchases. The availability of financing is a big relief to a consumers needing your products or services right away. Just as auto dealers offer financing, so too can doctors, furniture store owners, retail store owners and more. Store financing rates are typically lower than credit card rates and more advantageous to consumers.

A financing company like Monterey Financial pays the business for the product or service up-front and the customer pays the financing company back in affordable installments over time.

How will customer financing help my business?

Offering consumer financing brings many benefits. Our programs have helped businesses:

  • Provide a variety of financing options that meet their customers' needs
  • Offer the financial incentives that increase foot traffic and repeat business
  • Get products and services to a larger audience, those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford what they offer
  • Build brand awareness
  • Create customer loyalty and goodwill
  • Increase their sales volume and revenue

Which businesses should offer consumer financing?

You don't have to be one of the big stores to be able to offer financing. Any business that sells goods or services interested in increasing their sales could benefit from a consumer financing program.

Can Monterey Financial offer other financing-related services?

Absolutely! Monterey Financial began as a ddelinquent debt recovery solution, but soon began providing additional services. We opened a loan servicing division to help business owners focus on their core competencies and leave loan follow-up and details to experienced loan professionals. As the internet brought loan and document processing automation, servicing interruptions began to confound business owners. Our back back-up servicing and document storage also helps businesses streamline operations.

Which industries does Monterey Financial provide customer financing for?

Successful Markets include, but are not limited to:

Educational Products & Services:

  • College Funding & Tutoring Programs
  • Alternative Learning Instruction
  • Real Estate & Stock Market Training
  • Seminars & Business Opportunity Programs
  • Tax Resolution Services
  • Vocational & Trade Schools
    • Computer Certifications
    • Medical Billing Schools
    • Truck Driving Schools
    • Culinary Arts
    • RN Programs

Leisure Services & Memberships:

  • Timeshare Sales
  • Vacation Club Memberships
  • Campground Memberships
  • Golf Club Memberships
  • Discount Buyers Clubs
  • Bulk Home Food Sales

Retail Businesses:

  • Furniture & Jewelry Sales
  • Sporting Goods (Firearms)
  • Vacuum, Air Purification & Water Systems
  • Pet Stores
  • Fitness Equipment
  • “Flex” Pay Plans, i.e. "5 Easy Payments!”
  • Electronics & Games
  • Musical Instrument Sales and Rent To Own
  • HVAC & Appliance Sales
  • Home Renovation Services

Medical Devices & Services:

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Diabetic Pumps
  • Dental/Orthodontic
  • Hearing Aids
  • Elective Procedures
  • Laser Hair Treatment
  • Emergency Life Saving Devices
  • Other Elective Procedures & Services

we know your financial needs don't look like everyone else's.