Investment Opportunities

For Accredited Investors Only as Defined by the Securities Act (opens PDF document in new window)

Dear Investor:

Monterey Receivables Funding, LLC (“MRF”) is excited to offer an investment opportunity to purchase secured promissory notes. Choices of secured promissory notes are as follows:

  1. 6% simple interest “A” note with interest paid monthly plus a pro-rata contingent distribution of 10% of annual EBITDA.
  2. 7% simple interest “B” note with interest paid monthly plus a pro-rata contingent distribution of 10% of annual EBITDA.
  3. 8% simple interest “A” note with interest paid monthly. There is no pro-rata contingent distribution.

MRF was formed and is owned by the same principals and executives as Monterey Financial Services, LLC (“MFS”), and intends to continue capitalizing on an over-abundance of opportunities with MFS’s national reputation and vast experience in alternative financing and consumer financing programs. While MFS has grown tremendously over the past 30 years, we intend to accelerate MRF’s growth by expanding into new industries and exploring new opportunities with financial management solutions.

As of January 2021, MRF purchased over $250 million in consumer receivables from over 150 different clients. MRF has audited financial statements which reflect its profitability since inception in 2012. In addition, MFS has audited financial statements since 1995 and SAS 70 audits since 2006.

The terms of the offering notes are set forth in MRF’s Private Placement Memorandum (opens PDF document in new window)(“PPM”). The PPM contains, among other things, a summary of the terms of the promissory note investment, the forms of notes and security agreement and all other details related to MRF, including MFS’ corporate profile.

If you are interested in participating in the offering, kindly complete all documents in Exhibit F of the PPM and return to Shaun Lucas at the address below. Funds may be transmitted via check (by mail with all required Subscription Documents in Exhibit F to 4095 Avenida De la Plata, Oceanside, CA, 92056) or you may contact our office to receive wiring instructions. You will also be required to provide documents and information necessary for MRF to verify that you are an “accredited investor” pursuant to Regulation D, as set forth in Exhibit F.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the secured promissory note investment, MRF or MFS, please feel free to contact Shaun Lucas at or 800-456-2225 ext. 1014.

Thank you for your interest.

Shaun Lucas,

President & CEO
Monterey Receivables Funding/Monterey Financial Services

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